Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What? No Tijuana Brass??

The Pew Research Center recently conducted a poll to determine America's favorite all time musical acts and the results were revealed today (August 12, 2009). The Beatles won the battle of the bands, ranking in the top four of all age groups surveyed.

The choice for number one varied by age group, with Michael Jackson topping the list for those under 30. Respondents in the 30-49 age bracket chose The Eagles as their top pick. The 50-64 year olds went with The Beatles. And those over 65 named Frank Sinatra their top choice. The overall list of Top Twenty musical acts is a mixed bag, to say the least, but the music of the 1960s seems to be exerting some influence across the generations. The Top Twenty includes:
  1. The Beatles

  2. The Eagles
  3. Johnny Cash
  4. Michael Jackson

  5. Elvis Presley

  6. The Rolling Stones

  7. Aretha Franklin
  8. Frank Sinatra

  9. Carrie Underwood

  10. Garth Brooks

  11. Jimi Hendrix

  12. Bruce Springsteen

  13. Mariah Carey
  14. Bob Dylan

  15. Jefferson Airplane
  16. Nirvana
  17. Madonna

  18. Coldplay

  19. Kanye West

  20. The Grateful Dead

Like all good lists, this one could (should) start some arguments. At best, well, at least Garth Brooks didn't outrank The Beatles.

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  1. Loved this! Particularly the 2 horn guys with their matching 'choreography.' Thanks for this memory!